Pandemic baby shower

Pandemic Baby Shower

Planning a pandemic baby shower is not for the faint of heart! If anyone had ever told me that I’d be planning a baby shower during a pandemic…. I wouldn’t have believed them! It was a heavy decision to decide whether or not to celebrate our new addition.

Options, Options, Options…

My friends and family originally planned a traditional in-person shower for us in mid-June. However, we ended up canceling our original plan due to Virginia staying in Phase 2 longer than expected. At this point, we began researching options. There are so many options, drive-by showers, virtual showers, and traditional showers.

None of these options felt right, I knew many of our loved ones lacked the technological savvy to truly enjoy a virtual shower. Drive-by showers have grown in popularity, but we wanted to see our guests for more than a few minutes. The idea of throwing a traditional in-person shower given the rising cases of COVID in Virginia seemed irresponsible.

In the end, we chose to host a display shower. The shower was a hybrid version of a drive-by shower and a traditional shower.

Display Shower

It’s amazing how the Internet provides almost every answer you need. While searching for shower options, I stumbled upon the information related to display showers. Display showers are popular options for bridal showers but are adaptable for any celebration. Guests bring unwrapped gifts and label these gifts with their names upon arrival to the celebration. This shower option helped cut down on time wrapping and unwrapping gifts and allowed for a more eco-friendly option (IE. Limited wrapping paper.) We ordered the insert cards below from Amazon and got to planning the rest of the party.

Pandemic Baby Shower

Party Format

We invited guests via Facebook and traditional paper invitations. We invited guests to come to our house for a quick visit, treats, & favors. Guests dropped by at varying times, and this limited the number of guests that were in our home at one time.

Pandemic Baby Shower

We practiced social distancing, requested guests to wear masks, and provided plenty of hand sanitizer. In fact, bottles of hand sanitizer were one of the favors we provided guests!

Pandemic Baby Shower

Food Options

The menu for the shower was very simple and consisted primarily of chicken nuggets, fruit, chips, and an epic candy bar. We also served ice cream. The ice cream was a huge success on this hot July day! A dear friend decorated and delivered the cupcakes to the celebration, she even made sure to individually wrap the cupcakes.

Pandemic Baby Shower

Labeling the Gifts

As guests arrived, they were directed to the living room to drop and label their gifts. I created these labels to match our themes and ordered the cards from VistaPrint.

Pandemic Baby Shower

In the end, I’m so glad we chose a modified celebration. We were blessed beyond belief by our loved ones. All of our guests seemed to enjoy themselves, and we will always have the memories of a pandemic baby shower.

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