Patriotic Celebration

Patriotic Celebration

I’m always a fan of hosting a patriotic celebration, and this July 4th was no different. Like every other event of 2020, this year’s celebration was small, intimate, and festive. I decided to use a simple red, white, and blue tablescape and used only items I already owned.

Patriotic Celebration

I’ve made a concerted effort to use cloth napkins this year. Cloth napkins are reusable, and in an era when paper products seem to be in high demand, the change seemed the only natural thing to do. Also, paper products wreck the finish of my oak table. And, that is not a good look. Besides, cloth napkins allow you to learn awesome folding techniques. I opted to use an envelope folder.

patriotic celebration

American Flag Pretzel & Fruit Tray

I had a long list of festive projects that I wanted to make for our patriotic celebration. Unfortunately, I ran out of time and energy to finish my to-do-list. Instead, I took the easy route and borrowed a page from Best Friends for Frosting. As soon as I saw BFFF post her version of this fruit and pretzel tray, I knew I had to replicate it! I made one substitution, I ditched the blueberries and added blackberries to the tray.

Patriotic Celebration

Grocery Store Floral Arrangements

Since quarantine began, I haven’t ventured out a lot to shop. I never made it out to the stores to add to my patriotic decor collection. Instead, I repurposed linens, decor, and trays I already owned. The only new item I picked up was a dozen red roses from the grocery store. I styled the roses with mason jars and a few mini flags for a simple floral arrangement. In all, I made four arrangements for around the house.

Floral Arrangement


Our menu was simple consisting of hot dogs, hamburgers, potato salad, baked beans, fresh fruits, and an amazing pineapple fluff salad my mom brought.

I’m also happy to report that I finally mastered a blue punch recipe that we all loved. It took a few years.

Did you enjoy a festive celebration this July 4th? Or, did you postpone your celebration until 2021?

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