Petersburg Haunts

Petersburg Haunts Walking Tour

Petersburg Haunts is a walking tour through the haunted streets of Old Town. I adore Old Town Petersburg. I have vivid memories of visiting the area as a child. I’ve been ecstatic to see the resurgence in shopping and dining options in the area. But I’ve been even happier to see an increase in tourist options like the Petersburg Haunts walking tour.

Petersburg Haunts

The tour began at the Exchange Building (formerly the Siege Museum). Prior to meeting our tour group, we grabbed dinner a block away from the Exchange Building at Alibi. Alibi’s isn’t my favorite Old Town restaurant but it was one of the most convenient to the tour’s meeting location.

Petersburg Haunts
The Exchange Building

From the Exchange Building, our tour headed up the historic area of High Street and featured no less than nine different stops. Each stop focused on a different legend and/or eerie occurrence.

High Street Haunts

Petersburg Haunts
Benjamin Watkins Leigh House
Petersburg Haunts
John Grammer House

I didn’t take many pictures during our tour, I was too busy listening to our guide. But, I did finally get to see the mythical Trapezium house. I’ve passed the Trapezium house a thousand times, but I didn’t even notice it on the road. This home is unique as it was built without any parallel walls. Local brewery Trapezium is named after this legendary home.

Trapezium House

Poe’s Petersburg

The last stop of the tour was at Hiram Haines Coffee and Ale House, and happened to be my favorite! A few years ago, I read the book Edgar Allan Poe’s Petersburg and I’ve been intrigued by the space ever since. Poe spent his honeymoon at this location, and it is rumored to be the only time in his life when he was truly happy.

Hiram Haines Coffee and Ale House

One of these days, I’d love to own a tour company that services the Old Town area. But, that is still decades away or a quick purchase of Hiram Haines Coffee and Ale House.

Interested in taking the tour? Don’t worry! One tour remains and it’s on Halloween night. Grab those tickets now, you’ll love the tour.

For the record, I don’t believe in ghosts. But, I did love hearing all the stories and legends surrounding the area.

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