Quarantine Survival: Month One

It’s hard to believe that our first month of quarantine is behind us. And, was it a month. I’m sure by now, you’ve also developed a few quarantine survival tools. The first few weeks were a novelty of adjusting to working from home, watching the news and resting. By, week four, I felt like I lost my momentum and well limped along.

Get Dressed- Everyday

It’s easy to stay comfy when you’re working from home. We’ve all seen the memes of wearing pajama pants to “work”. I won’t lie, I wore yoga pants a few days and decided to forgo make-up a time or two. However, I’ve found that getting dressed to work or to dinner really helped me feel like I could take on the day. Something about feeling good helps deter some of the laziness from quarantine and allows me to remain efficient. That being said, I haven’t worn actual shoes since the start of the pandemic. I’ve been living in my grey Aetrex fuzzy slippers. My set is sold out but, I’m dying to get the leopard version.

Quarantine Survival


If you’re like me, you have a literal list of things you’d love to get done around the house. Even with working from home, the list keeps getting longer! Last year, I started to keep a note list of areas that I’d like to organize in my home on my phone. This week, as part of my daily routine, I added one small task from this list.

Trust me, this hasn’t been terribly easy. But, this week after work I’ve been able to reorganize my master closet and listed items on Poshmark to make a few extra dollars. I’ve also been able to clean out the built-ins in our living room, and clean our master bedroom. I’d hoped to get more done, but life got in the way!

Setting smaller goals, made the tasks attainable and less overwhelming. It took two days to clean out the built-ins. I cleaned and organized the right side on one day and the left on another. Next week, I’m hoping to organize the kitchen cabinets and the laundry room.

I’ve also got a few sewing and knitting projects that I’m hoping to complete in the next few weeks.

Meal Plans

I’ve been meal planning since the onset of the pandemic. Meal planning allows me to plan our meals out two weeks in advance, and limit the amount of grocery shopping I have to do. Our meals are not fancy, I’m keeping the menu simple and ensuring the ingredients needed are easy to attain.

My planning board does not always look this good. But, there is always a menu on the board. As we all know, meat is becoming more difficult to purchase I’m going to begin adjusting our diet and including more high protein vegetarian options.

What are you doing to ensure your quarantine survival? I’m always looking for new coping tools.

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