Rainbow Brite Birthday Celebration

Everything’s better with friends and rainbows. – Rainbow Brite

This year, I took Rainbow Brite’s advice when planning my birthday gathering and incorporated rainbows and friends in the celebration. It was one to remember. I have a birthday tradition of celebrating my birthday with a girl’s night out with my inner circle. This year, we had to celebrate a little early due to everyone’s schedule.

It was a night filled with laughter, creativity, rainbows….and food!! My friend (partner in crime) hosted the soiree at her fabulous condo, which she recently redecorated. We made a large table in the dining room by pushing two tables together. I was expecting 11 guests, and I wanted to make sure there was everyone could sit together. After setting up the table, we laid out the aprons, nametags, cookies, cupcakes and other supplies at each spot. Would you believe that I owned enough aprons to loan each of my guests!?!

We kept the food simple and colorful… and reasonably healthy. After all, we were going to be noshing down on sweets all evening. The menu included: guacamole and chips, peanut butter and jelly sandwiches, salad, a fruit tray, and a meat and cheese tray.

Everyone’s cookies came out incredibly different from each other…each girl using her supplies to make a cookie that was uniquely her own.  It’s safe to say we all had a fabulous time creating our masterpieces.

After we finished our cookie masterpieces, we moved on to cupcake decorating. Just like with the cookies every cupcake was different, and they were incredibly delicious.

All in all, it was most definitely a night to remember, and I’m already planning next year’s celebration. I ordered rainbow lip gloss as a little thank you for everyone attending.

Rainbow Brite Printables: Etsy

Cupcakes & Cookies: Homemade

Rainbow Party Supplies: Birthday in a Box

Rainbow Brite Napkins: Amazon

Tablecloths & Balloons: Dollar Tree












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