Recommended Reading: It’s Your Universe

I’ve been a fan of Ashley Eckstein, and her clothing brand Her Universe for several years.  I frequently wear her apparel… in fact, as I type this, I’m decked out in Her Universe casual wear. And, I wore one of her Dr. Who inspired dresses under my graduation robe. As soon as I heard she was writing a book, I pre-ordered my copy on Amazon and was stoked when it arrived at my house.

I was incredibly disappointed when the book arrived, it resembled a child’s journal with cartoon images, and writing prompts. In my disappointment, I placed the book on my shelf and ignored it for the next few months. Begrudgingly, I packed the book to the beach a few months later… and some may say the rest is history.

I misjudged this book in a MAJOR way. I thoroughly enjoyed this positive girl power vibe of Ashley’s life story. In addition to the strong story, there is fantastic Disney artwork and inspirational quotes. The book proved to be the uplifting read that I didn’t know I needed and the added jolt of energy I needed to keep pushing towards my dreams.

Now, if only a book-signing was close by…


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