spider cupcakes

Festive Desserts: Spider Cupcakes

I’m always a fan of festive desserts, and I thought these spider cupcakes were perfect for Halloween.

Pillsbury Funfetti

Did you know Pilsbury Funfetti is one of my favorite cake flavors? In fact, we attempted to convince a local baker to make us a Pilsbury Funfetti flavored cake for our wedding. The baker politely declined but my love is still as strong for the vanilla classic.

As soon as I find the holiday flavors in-store I purchase all the boxes I’ll need. I grabbed the Halloween Pillsbury Funfetti mix at Walmart in late August. Recently, Pillsbury added pastry bags filled with icing to their baking line. These icing bags allow you to easily ice your cupcakes to perfection, especially when you are doing a little late-night baking!

Pro Tip: Use an ice cream scooper to measure out the batter to perfectly sized cupcakes.

spider cupcakes

Dollar Tree Supplies

This year, I was delayed in doing my Halloween shopping this year and missed all the festive containers! Before I left Target, I did manage to find these cute paper Wilton spiders.

The Dollar Tree has always been a great spot to purchase festive items, and they didn’t disappoint this Halloween. These adorable colorful spiderweb baskets, polka-dot napkin, and curly ribbon were purchased from my local Dollar Tree. The Dollar Tree does sell cellophane, however, the bags in the store were too large for my basket. I opted to purchase shrink-wrap cellophane from Amazon.

To begin creating the baskets, I layered the baskets with polka-dot napkins to add pattern and color to the baskets. Then I placed the baskets into the cellophane bags, and lightly shrink wrapped the bottoms of each basket with a blow dryer. Finally, I then filled each basket with five spider cupcakes, twisted the top of the cellophane and tied curling ribbon.

spider cupcakes

Did you make any festive Halloween desserts? I’d love to see them!

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