Stressed Out? 5 Ways to Ease In-Home Tension During Isolation

Special Guest Post By: Anya Willis

No matter how harmonious your household normally is, you’re likely facing tension during self-isolation. It can be hard staying put with your entire family, especially when kids are involved. But there are ways to ease that tension and help everyone feel better.

Expand Kids’ Horizons

Keeping kids entertained goes a long way toward maintaining peace at home. By choosing smart tech and offering screen-free options, too, you can help kids get dialed in and reduce stress.

Choose Smart Gadgets

Though most households have a handful of gadgets, choosing the right ones for the younger members of the family can be challenging. Between fitness trackers and kid-friendly smartphones are tons of other kid-friendly gadgets, and companies like Verizon can offer advice on the right tech solutions for all ages.

Regardless of your kids’ ages, enjoying some screen-free time is also healthy for your household. Experts at the Sleep Foundation suggest putting away electronic devices a few hours before bedtime to avoid disrupting your body’s natural sleep-wake rhythms.

This way, everyone gets enough rest—another key to keeping calm when self-isolation gets overwhelming.

Break from Screens Sometimes

Of course, balancing screen time is healthy and can expand kids’ horizons when it comes to entertainment. Reading is one engaging solo activity for kids that keeps them both busy and learning. Your child’s screen can also double as an e-reader. New reading apps can help cultivate a love of reading and keep things interesting.

Grabbing a real book is also great for kids’ minds and bodies. Graphic novels are one great way to get kids interested in reading, whether on- or off-screen. Consider age appropriateness, storyline suitability, and overall reviews when choosing graphic novels for kids. Then, prepare for hours of peace and quiet while your kids devour their new favorite stories. 

Prioritize Health and Wellness

While washing your hands and sticking with social distancing protocol is important, so are other aspects of your health and wellness. Try adding exercise, self-care, and better nutrition to your routine.

Invest in Exercise

Spending time (and even money) on fitness can bring countless rewards. Exercising is healthy overall, but it can also help you relax and reduce stress, explains Harvard Health. Going for a walk is easy enough, but getting serious about your fitness routine is even better.

For example, whether you want to cycle indoors or out, riding a bike is an excellent way to burn calories and burn off steam. If you’re shopping for a new bicycle, there are plenty of affordable options, including affordable buys like a Body Rider stationary cycle or a Kent Pomona suspension bike.

Don’t Skip Self-Care

Even if your family is driving you crazy, it helps to remember that your disposition might not be the sweetest, either. One way to remedy a bit of nerves is by taking time for self-care. Whether that means finding a new at-home workout that works with social distancing or knitting something fun, make time for activities that rejuvenate you.

Pay Attention to Your Plate

Many adults are worried about gaining weight while in self-isolation. And if you’re stress eating and struggling to put the snacks away, you might be one of them. One way to help cut down on unhealthy habits is by preparing healthy meals.

Plenty of folks are baking bread and experimenting in the kitchen during the pandemic. Try your hand at healthier all-ages recipes or even test out a meal delivery kit. Making healthy eating easier and more enjoyable means better chances of keeping extra pounds away.

Plus, eating family meals together can help bring everyone back together—literally and emotionally. The regular routine of sharing dinner each night helps your family reconnect and build a stronger bond. It might even mean less tension in the weeks to come.

Keeping your household harmonious is tough during self-isolation. Knowing that there’s an end in sight may not help in the moment, but taking proactive steps toward a calmer and more relaxed home can do wonders. Try these tricks next time you feel stressed, and everyone in the house will benefit.

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