Summer Solstice

Can you believe that it is already summer solstice? It seems just like yesterday, we were celebrating the start of summer and now it is mid-summer. This year, summer solstice also aligns with International Yoga Day. Double the celebrations!

Over the last few months, I have connected to the practice of yoga. Anyone at any fitness level can participate in the practice of yoga. That is one of the reasons I love the practice. I am by no means a fitness fanatic, but I adore the peacefulness I feel after an intense yoga class.

In honor of summer solstice, my favorite yoga studio is challenging all of its students to complete 108 sun salutations. Every class that meets at the studio today will be participating, and as I am a Wednesday night regular, I will be participating too. I doubt I will make it to the full 108 poses, but I will try! For those of you unfamiliar with yoga, here is a graphic that explains the movement.

It will be a physically demanding class, for sure. So, why would the studio have us complete 108 sun salutations? Check out Inhale Yoga’s Facebook Page to read their explanation of Summer Solstice. Nevertheless, the number 108 is synonymous with yoga.

If I survive class, I will be continuing my summer solstice celebration by cooling off poolside.

Happy Summer!

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