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Moana-Themed Family Costume Adventure: From DIY Te Fiti to Tamatoa!

Do you have a little Moana enthusiast at home who’s as passionate about the adventurous Polynesian princess as we are? We definitely have a Moana lover in our home. So, when she decided on a Moana-themed birthday party and Halloween costume, we were over the moon. But then came the unexpected twist – she wanted me to dress up as Te Fiti! It took a little DIY costume magic to make her dream come true. Our DIY costume journey just might inspire your own Moana-themed adventures.

Finding the Perfect Moana Costume

Our quest for the perfect Moana costume led us to our friends at Little Adventures. We ordered their Moana-inspired dress, and we weren’t disappointed. Little Adventure costumes are designed for comfort and durability. They are perfect for active young wayfinders like our daughter. The breathable and comfortable materials ensure she can wear it repeatedly. The costumes are also easy to clean – a parent’s dream come true!


Every costume needs that magical finishing touch. We found a beautiful lighted Moana necklace on Amazon that enchanted our little explorer’s costume. The necklace featured the ability to turn the glow of the Heart of Te Fiti off and on with a simple touch. Our daughter was delighted to show it to her fellow princess pals.

To complete our daughter’s transformation into Moana, I crafted her a Kakamura treat bucket. The bucket perfect for collecting all of her candy loot.

Crafting a Te Fiti Costume

Now came the real challenge – transforming myself into the Hawaiian goddess Te Fiti. I searched high and low for a Te Fiti costume within our budget but quickly realized DIY was the way to go.

My search for a focal point for the costume led me to Dollar Tree, where we found a floral crown and coordinating lei. Not only did they fit our budget, but they looked just as lovely as more expensive options on Etsy.

For the rest of the costume, I added a green leaf-patterned kaftan from Shein for under $20, providing the perfect Te Fiti aesthetic. A set of green face crystals from Spirit Halloween added the finishing touch to complete the look.

Crafting a Tamatoa Costume

As for Jerad, deciding on his costume was a family affair. While he initially turned down the roles of Maui and Pua, we eventually convinced him to dress up as Tamatoa. To complete his transformation, we made him a crab-inspired hat. We bought a Tamatoa t-shirt from HomeSizy and a purple baseball hat from Amazon. It was a fun and creative twist on the traditional Moana-themed family costume.

Our Moana-loving family’s adventure was an absolute hit! We dressed as Moana and Te Fiti a whopping four times this Halloween season, much to the delight of our little explorer.

On Halloween night, due to chilly temperatures, we made a quick switch to Princess Jasmine, Aladdin, and her magic carpet, adding an extra dose of enchantment to our festive celebrations.

In the end, creating your own DIY Moana-themed family costumes is not only fun but also a great way to bond and showcase your creativity. With a bit of imagination and resourcefulness, you can embark on your own magical adventure as your favorite character from the beloved Moana movie.

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