Ax-Throwing: Unexpected Family Activity

I was elated when The Virginia Axe Throwing Company invited me to host a mom’s night out, I was immediately game! One, my tribe of girlfriends are always up for an adventure, and two, who doesn’t want to perfect their ax-throwing skills?

I was pleasantly surprised to find out how family-friendly the atmosphere is at the facility. I can’t wait to take Baby A there in a few years. The facility does not serve alcohol but does serve a plethora of snacks to keep your family and friends happy.

Preparing for Your Adventure

Send out that group text, or gather your family, and pick your event date! Once you’ve selected the date and time for your group, Virginia Axe Throwing Company will send you a list of reminders and safety waivers that need to be completed by each member of your group. Don’t worry, the facility has an impeccable safety record! The hardest rule to follow for us was wearing closed-toed shoes. I’m pretty sure, I’ve only worn closed-toed shoes a handful of times since March 2020.


We arrived ten minutes ahead of our time, but the facility was ready for us! We opted to bring pizza with us. I loved that we were able to bring in food with us. The staff was warm and welcoming. Our coach Kim met us at our lane and began our safety lesson.

After completing our safety lesson, Kim worked with each of us on our stance and ax-throwing until we were each confident with our ax and knife throwing abilities.


Let the Games Begin

Kim was amazing, she turned our crew into a novice knife throwing team. For each bullseye we hit, we proudly rang the arena bell. By the end of the night, we’d each hit a bullseye and felt like ax-throwing masters. And Kim, was cheering right along with us!


Zombie Tic Tac Toe

Once we were warmed up and ready, Kim introduced us to Zombie Tic Tac Toe. We played a few rounds of tic tack toe with ax, knives, and ninja stars. We tried a few other games but Zombie Tic Tac Toe was by far our favorite! If you find yourself at the arena make sure to ask for this game.

Fun for All!

A night out at Virginia Axe Company is a must for anyone in the Richmond area. The location is family-friendly, the staff is fun, and you’ll create memories that your group will share for a lifetime. We loved our night out leaving our children and spouses at home.


Rather play at home? The Virginia Axe Company has a mobile unit that can be rented and brought to your party destination! Follow this link to learn more about fun activities in the Richmond area.

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