Heart-Shaped Foods

Valentine’s Day: Heart-Shaped Foods

I love Valentine’s Day! It’s a beautiful opportunity to show our loved ones, that we appreciate and love them.  One of the things I love the most about Valentine’s Day is all the heart-shaped foods that are available! Roses are overrated anyway, I say get your loved ones heart-shaped foods!

Papa John’s  Pizza

My favorite Valentine’s Day treat is a heart-shaped pizza from Papa John’s. If you’ve read the blog for long or followed me on social media, you know I have a deep love for pizza. My love for pizza has no bounds. My favorite part of Valentine’s Day is the delivery of my heart-shaped pizza. Every year, Papa Johns offers the heart-shaped pizza and dessert for $16 and trust me it’s worth the extra delivery fee.

Heart-Shaped Foods

Bojangle’s Bo-Berry Biscuits

In addition to Papa John’s heart-shaped pizza, Bojangles offers heart-shaped Bo-Berry Biscuits. These biscuits are adorable and would be perfect for your Valentine’s Day dessert. They will leave your heart and tummy full.

Heart-Shaped Foods
Photo courtesy of Bojangles.

Valentine Donuts

Krispy Kreme and Dunkin Donuts are both offering heart-shaped donuts this season in a variety of flavors. But, you’ll probably need to call ahead to grab a dozen donuts from either location. While both chains offer festive options, I think I prefer Krispy Kreme’s valentine selections. Seriously though, how cute is that Valentine donut.

Heart-Shaped Foods
Photo courtesy of Dunkin Donuts.


Heart-Shaped Food
Photo courtesy of Krispy Kreme.

Chick-fila Biscuits

On a good day, it’s hard to get into your local Chick-fila. This morning, it’s probably chaos! Chick-fila is offering their chicken minis for pickup in a heart-shaped container and prepping their classic chicken biscuit in a heart shape! Some stores are even offering Valentine’s Day delivery!

Heart-Shaped Food
Photo courtesy of Chick-fila.


The list of festive Valentine food options could go on forever! Which festive food will you be picking up?

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