Wedding Bouquet for Everyday

I wear regularly wear my wedding bouquet, even though I was married years ago.

I originally planned to preserve my bouquet in a shadow box, but I forgot to mail the bouquet off in time. We left our reception and headed almost immediately to our honeymoon. When I got home a week after the wedding, I placed my bouquet in a pink vase in my home office. The bouquet sat in that vase for five years. I didn’t have the heart to move it, and it had dried very nicely.

Then, as we were preparing to list our first home for sale, our realtor mentioned that my dried bouquet should be moved.  Apparently, potential buyers might not see the sentimental value in my bouquet. So, I reluctantly moved my vase to a plastic crate and packed it away in storage.

I half-heartedly began googling options for my bouquet when I stumbled upon My Flowers Forever. I sent My Forever Flowers images of my bouquet for color samples, selected my pendant style, paid my invoice, filled out the forms, and mailed off my precious petals. And, then I waited.

I loved the result! It was well worth the expense, and I regularly wear the pendant.  The pendant is now a bit tarnished but it still means everything to me, and I couldn’t imagine preserving my bouquet any other way.  In fact, I’m thinking of ordering a few more pieces from my petals. I still have the remaining petals safely stored in a plastic container.


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