Monument Ave 10k

Wellness Challenge: Monument Ave 10K

Richmond’s annual Monument Ave 10k is an experience! It’s by far the hardest and best race I’ve ever participated in. Although, the VCU Health 8k was a pleasant surprise. This Saturday marks the 20th Monument Ave 10k, and I can’t wait to cross the finish line to celebrate at the party zone.

In late January 2016, I fell and broke my hip. Yes, my hip… my left acetabular to be exact. I’ll give you a few minutes to adjust to that shock. I won’t dwell, on the dark aspects of bedrest and recovery. Except to say, recovery was and is the most challenging task I’ve ever faced. It was a life-altering accident that changed everything about my life. In one hour, I transitioned from a regular functioning adult to someone who couldn’t even move from bed. My life hit a pause and stopped for five months. I chose to focus on healing and disconnected from social media, shut down my blog, and rested.

Would you believe I spent the spring of 2016 on bedrest? Finally, the summer season arrived, and I was beginning to adjust to my new routine and to regular everyday tasks such as walking. By fall 2016, I’d mastered swimming without reaching the point of exhaustion and packed away my cane. I began practicing yoga classes after a suggestion by my orthopedic surgeon. Yoga enabled me to walk without a limp; I still practice once a week.

Monument Ave 10k

A friend of mine passed away from cancer during my recovery, and I knew a group participating in the race for her memory. I decided that my next level of improvement would be finishing the Monument Ave 10k. I spent a few nights a week walking with Jerad to prep for the race, and there were many practice walks that left me uncertain if I’d finish the race. In the end, I did finish the race, and I was last in my category! The race took place 453 days after my injury, and in finishing, I felt like a champion.

While I finished the 10k, I never made it to the Ukrop’s party zone. My body couldn’t go any further that day, and I found a seat on a bench and waited for my friend to get the car and pick me up.

Monument Ave 10k

This Saturday, I’m participating in the 10k for the second time, and my primary goal is to finish with enough energy to enjoy the party zone! Are you attending this weekend? At this time, the race is rain or shine, but I’m still planning on showing up.

Next week, I’ll start training for a possible 5-mile hike to the top of a volcano. Yes, my summer vacation plans involve a volcano hike.

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