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County Fair Bucket List

I love a local county fair and attending a local fair is the perfect remedy for the post-summer blues. There is something about the ambiance, the excitement, the lights and let’s not forget about the food!

Arts & Crafts Competition

The arts & crafts competition is an excellent opportunity to support local crafters and to pick up new project ideas! Think of the competition as a live Pinterest! I always enter a few items into my local fair, and I’ve accrued a few blue ribbons. But, a best in show ribbon still alludes me! Maybe next year will be the year.

county fair
Awesome wood piece made by a local artisan.
county fair
Canning competition.

Animals, Animals, and more Animals

Every county fair, has a slew of animals and you need to visit them all! Visiting the animals is one of my favorite parts of any fair. Most fairs have a petting zoo that let’s you get up close and personal with the livestock and small farm animals.

There are always horses.
Camels! (This baby camel was sleepy. 🙂 )


Every fair has a plethora of performances, bands, and pageants. This year’s swine races were one of my all-time favorite performances. I could watch Hamma-Montana race around the track all day long!

county fair


My favorite fair food isn’t even a food… it’s fresh squeezed lemonade! I don’t indulge on many of the fried foods, but always nibble on a few items. I loved this blooming onion.

Blooming Onion

I’m heading to the state fair in a few weeks, and I’m sure all the nostalgia will be there too! What’s your favorite county fair activity? Are you heading to your local fair?

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