Virginia Poverty Law Center: Who They Are and What They Do

Special Guest Post By: Brittany Cotton

Every human being deserves the same rights, but unfortunately, earning a low income puts many people at an incredible disadvantage. The Virginia Poverty Law Center (VPLC) fights for civil justice for all low-income Virginians to help ensure every person receives the help they need.

Who is the Virginia Poverty Law Center?

Founded in 1978, the VPLC is a 501(c)3 nonprofit organization that works tirelessly to help all Virginians receive the legal aid they deserve. VPLC explains that systemic barriers still exist throughout every community, which ultimately perpetuates the cycle of poverty for those earning a low income. Through advocacy, education, and litigation, the Virginia Poverty Law Center fights to break down those walls and help the impoverished thrive.

What can VPLC do to help?

By working with legal aid programs, community organizations, and private attorneys throughout the state, the Virginia Poverty Law Center strives to be a voice for all low-income residents.

They’re active in the role of advocacy, supporting and proposing laws that affect the poor. The VPLC is also the only statewide organization who provides training to local Virginia Legal Aid offices and private attorneys.

Access to affordable housing and health care, assisting victims of domestic and sexual violence, and aiding with legal issues involving family and child welfare are just a handful of the ways VPLC supports the low-income community.

A healthy community helps foster a happy community, and it’s so imperative that each person has access to quality food and health care. Programs such as Medicare, Medicaid, and FAMIS as well as state or federal programs are a top priority of VPLC.

The Virginia Poverty Law Center also does a great deal to protect senior citizens. From long term care issues and public benefits to adult abuse and neglect and financial exploitation, VPLC does everything they can to help ensure senior safety. Additionally, they have a Senior Legal Helpline that can be contacted toll-free by Virginians 60 and over in need of assistance, or anyone calling on their behalf.

The Power of Community

Organizations like the Virginia Poverty Law Center show us just how big of an impact we can make when we work together. Community is everything—particularly when we ban together to help fight injustices and advocate for equality.

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