Carl’s Lemon Poundcake

Food carries cherished memories, and for me, recreating vintage recipes holds a special place in my heart. This lemon poundcake recipe has some bittersweet memories attached to it for our family.

A Gift of Nostalgia: Unveiling the Vintage Metal Bundt Pan

Many years ago, a precious gift from my grandfather sparked my passion for baking – a vintage metal bundt pan with a heartwarming history. This very pan was given to him by a close friend and former landlady during his time in Richmond, right after the Second World War. Living downtown, he was fortunate to have a landlady who would treat him to delectable lemon pound cakes, a delightful gesture that left a lasting impression on him.

At that point in time, my baking skills were not yet refined enough to replicate those lemon pound cakes he adored. Instead, I would lovingly bake him box lemon cakes, which he genuinely appreciated. My adventures and misadventures in lemon cake baking was always one of our favorite past times. My icing skills still need work, but I’ve learned to make a mean glaze that pours beautifully so I don’t have to ice in a traditional format very often.

Amanda holding a lemon pound cake

Life moved on, and fifteen years later, my beloved grandfather passed away, leaving behind cherished memories and that vintage bundt pan. The time eventually came to retire the pan, but I couldn’t bear to let go of its sentimental value. After extensive research, I found a worthy successor – a Nordicware Anniversary Bundt pan that felt like a fitting replacement.

I still have plans to display the original bundt pan in my kitchen, I just can’t bring myself to paint it just yet. If you know anyone who restores metal pans, or paints them, please send them my way!

Honoring a Legacy: Saying Farewell to the Vintage Bundt Pan

In homage to my grandfather’s memory, I knew the inaugural cake in my new pan had to be a lemon pound cake. Although I didn’t possess the exact recipe he held dear, I decided to combine various vintage recipes. My journey to creating the perfect simple yet delightful lemon pound cake creation was a very interesting and strange journey. There were definitely, a few complete failures! With every step, I giggle knowing how much he would have loved to be my taste tester. He would have loved knowing that my eventual perfect recipe will bear his name – Carl’s Lemon Poundcake.

The familiar aroma of lemony goodness fills the air of my home and the baking process let me relive precious moments and memories. Ones that I’ll pass on to A when I teach her how to make her first poundcake. This timeless recipe brings together the essence of the past, blending history with my passion for baking.

Food truly is a powerful link to our past, and in the process of preserving these vintage recipes, we honor not just the flavors but the memories and stories that make life richer. Carl’s Lemon Poundcake will eventually become an enduring legacy and always hold the story of a girl, her grandfather, a lemon cake, and the ties that bind.

Carl’s Lemon Poundcake Recipe: A Fusion of Vintage Flavors

For this recipe, I used a variation of Ally’s Vintage Poundcake. The only variations I made were to add 1 TBSP of vanilla and lemon extract, and 1/4 cup lemon juice. I make my own lemon and vanilla extracts, and they are my secret ingredient. 🙂

I’m still workshopping this recipe, but for a first attempt, it’s pretty darn fabulous. Oh, and my new pan isn’t too shabby either.

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